Mike Frost


Mike on SkypeEmail Mike to schedule your first online bass or guitar lesson.  Receive lessons at home without the worries of traffic, weather, and travel time and expense.  Mike will help you through the steps to connecting via Skype; and Skype is free to use.  Online lessons are $52/hour. 

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"It's all good."


I honestly wasn’t sure about doing a Skype lesson.  After a while, I decided to give it a try.  It worked out much better than I thought.  There are advantages to having a lesson in the comfort of your own home-no travel, flexibility of scheduling among them.  I also set up a video recorder to record the lesson.  I edit key points of the recording and have them for reference.  I need to have repetition when I learn something, so this works really well for me.  Whether it is theory or figuring out a tune, Mike Frost is a master bassist and musician.  I would recommend him and Skype lessons to anyone.

-Helen, NY

I’ve known Mike for over 20 years and a teacher/mentor and friend. As time has gone by, not only has our friendship grown deeper, but I see the transition Mike has gone through as a teacher. I see a definite maturing process where he better tailors his immense depth in knowledge of music and all things related to the bass and applies it in a way that is directly usable. Not just lessons and theory to know, but more importantly to be able to have this accessible to my playing. I have tried other instructors and they don’t nearly exhibit the passion that Mike does. It has been an honor to have direct exposure to a great talent and to learn from that.

I’ve been on the west coast for over ten years and over the last few years technology made it possible for me to continue taking lessons from Mike in the same capacity as if I were back in New York. I’m getting the same out of my lesson as I did in person, except for being welcomed with a good strong coffee! Having lessons on Skype is as convenient as Mike already states. 

-Barry, CA

After taking personal lessons for many years I tried the Skype lessons. They are great because it’s still one on one. Mike sees and will let you know how things should be played, positioned, technique and anything else along with the theory. The Skype lessons are very well worth it and highly recommended. Plus Mike is a great bass teacher and a nice guy! 

-Andrew, NY

I've been taking lessons with Mike for quite some time now. I've known Mike since the mid 1990's. In New York I live a considerable distance from his studio in the neighboring County so it took me about a hour of driving to take a lesson.  When Mike told me he would be moving to South Carolina and we could continue lessons on Skype I wasn't sure if it would work. I had never done this and, in fact, I had never really used Skype before. I tried Skype and was pleasantly surprised.

The main advantage to Skype is that it brings Mike Frost to your doorstep. There was no more traveling for me (2 hours round trip).  You can have your lesson at your house or office in my case. You don't have to lug your bass anywhere and this saves a lot of time. Mike can clearly see and hear what you're playing on your instrument so there's no reason to think that you cannot hear or see him. Also, Skype has a file transfer system which enables Mike or you to exchange any chart or notation during the lesson directly onto your computer in real time. The other advantage is that you can book a lesson at times that you would not have otherwise booked because of the traveling.  If you can't do a "live" lesson I really recommend this alternative. Skype works for me.

-Victor, NY

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! to whoever invented Skype.  I’ve owned a bass for many years. I’ve had much fun manipulating it, but I always wanted to PLAY it! Thanks to lessons via Skype, Mike has cleared the obstacles in my head and replaced them with a road that is both satisfying and delicious.  Music has become my vehicle.  

The journey never ends and begins with the simplest of steps. The answer is always right in front of us.  Listen.  Stop wasting time. PLAY the Bass. 

-Bob, NY