After being disappointed with the teachers we could find locally, my 9 year-old daughter started skype lessons with Mike, and we have been so happy with the set-up. Mike is an amazing teacher. He connected with my daughter right away and made her think bass was fun again! And somehow, he has been sneaking in more music theory than I think I ever learned through 7 years of formal training in an instrument. She has improved so much in just the few months they have been working together. Skype has made it so easy and reliable! -Margaret, TX 

Update, She is now play on Broadway in School of Rock!!!!! 

Mike Frost is not only an amazing player, but an amazing teacher as well.  He doesn't just teach you HOW to play, he helps you understand WHY you play.  For anyone thinking about taking lessons, stop thinking and just do it already!  My guitar lesson is always a bright part of my day... today it was especially bright.  Thanks Mike! -Rachel Hodgkins, Aiken, SC  
Today was my first lesson back with Mike Frost since the medical issues I am dealing with.  I'm back on track and have lots to work on. One can not help but be a better player when they seek, and are open to, knowledge from a master of their craft.  Mike, thank you for everything! -Brian Mackie, Columbia, SC  

Mike is a truly wonderful teacher and musician. He possesses a limitless knowledge of music and can play and teach any style.  As my teacher, Mike has been extremely encouraging and enthusiastic about my musical progress.  Since I began studying with Mike, my knowledge of music and theory has deepened, my improvisation skills have vastly improved, my understanding of the various roles a bassist can fulfill has grown, and my overall pleasure in playing the bass guitar has increased profoundly.  Mike is also a kind, warm person who I feel very fortunate to know.  I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning about the bass guitar.  -Corey Shank, Miller Place, NY  

I took bass lessons with Mike for over two years, and it was an incredible experience that enabled me to make significant progress on the bass in a short time.  Mike is an extremely well-rounded musician, and has a deep understanding of several different styles of music.  His bass technique is impeccable.   More importantly, as a bass teacher Mike is able to share his knowledge of music and bass by explaining things clearly and systematically, making it very easy to learn from him.  I found that when I moved to New York in 2002, I had a foundation on the instrument unmatched by other young bass players in New York.  Studying with Mike gave me an advantage because of the technical skills and familiarity of several genres I developed while taking bass lessons with him.  I highly respect him as a person, player, and teacher, and would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a bass teacher.  -Zaid Shukri, New York, NY  

I’ve been taking bass lessons from Mike Frost for a year and a half, and he has improved my skills as a basest greatly and in a short time.  Mike taught me improvisation, college level music theory, and helped me with my weakest point which is reading music.  Mike also introduced me to many different types of music with his diverse playing of different styes of music.  I would not be the same musician I am now without Mike’s teachings.  Mike is an amazing musician, teacher, and person who I look up too highly.  I recommend Mike as a bass teacher to anyone looking to learn or improve their electric bass skills.  -Charles Buonasera, Coram, NY  

I have had the good fortune of being able to study bass guitar with Mike Frost.  Mike is one of those rare people who is not only an amazingly gifted player (he WILL astound you!), but a great teacher as well.  Mike has not only the ability, but just as importantly, the desire to bring his students to whatever level they wish to achieve.  Now that Mike is splitting time between New York and South Carolina, I say to potential NY students "GET YOUR TIME SLOT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!"  To the folks in S.C., this is without a doubt the guy you want to study with.  And to top it all off, Mike is as great a person as he is a bassist.  I truly feel blessed to not only call Mike my teacher, but also my friend.  -Kirk Peters, Lindenhurst, NY  

While having a job in the stock department at Sam Ash, I decided to buy a bass and an amp just to "fool around" with.  During a conversation with a salesman about my purchase, another employee had overheard us and asked me if I wanted a great bass teacher's number.  With little interest I took it and decided maybe I might give a call and see what its all about.  I figured I could teach myself from reading books or listening to CDs.  I would have to say maybe three weeks went by and I didn't call... thinking I can do it by myself I had actually not touched the bass since I got it.  Then Mike's number appeared on my desk as if it was a sign.  So I called and for the next seven or so years I have gone from not knowing how to hold a bass to playing and creating melodies that still stun my band members.  Mike's teachings not only show you how to play the bass, but he explains the thought process behind the melodies.  He demonstrates the tools used and processes that bass players go through to create their music.  Each lesson is a learning experience that relates to another lesson.  As each lesson is understood it is expanded and the student is brought deeper in the workings of music.  I cannot tell you how many times Mike has told me that we have only scratched the surface.  Sometimes I am still in awe of how Mike has uncovered the secrets of playing bass but I have finally begun to realize that being a student of Mike's was probably the best thing I have done for my music career.  As for the knowledge Mike has about his basses and speakers... well maybe you should just call and take a few lessons.  Players like him are rare enough.  -Andy Mclaughlin, Holbrook, NY  

First let me say this, he's a great guy.  Now, the vast amount of knowledge that Mike has for music theory and the bass guitar, construction of the instrument, the amps, speakers and effects to use to achieve the sound you want, playability and setting up an instrument, all this and the ability to convey this to a student with humility and humor... awesome.  I had been playing the bass for a while, in bands since I was a teenager, and always into recording at home, I thought I knew some stuff... but I felt in a rut.  I've been with Mike about 8 or 9 months now... and I have noticed a great improvement in my playing and soloing.  If you're already a player who would like to really step up a few levels, this is the guy to see.  Prepare to be blown away...THEN PREPARE TO REALLY PLAY!!!   -Mike Desz, Coram, NY  

I started taking lessons from Mike in 1989 when he had his studio in Baldwin, and did so until he moved further out on Long Island.  A combination of that move and my crazy work and family schedule had me put down the bass (I was in a bad spot).  Though my schedule is still crazy, my interest in the bass was rekindled and I e-mailed Mike to see if he could recommend a teacher in Brooklyn.  He told me that though he would be moving to SC, he would be giving lessons in Lynbrook, which is about 30-40 minutes from my office in East New York.  To say I was happy is an understatement; I learned and am learning so much from him.  His knowledge and skill is unbelievable, and the way he uses visual imagery to explain theory and technique makes things clear and makes me smile; he’s a poet and an artist.  A guitarist that I work with said that he has seen a great improvement in my playing.  I too see an improvement.  Now, I won't be playing like Jaco anytime soon, but I am on my way. (smile) Thanks Mike!  -David Jablons, Brooklyn NY  

I met Mike over 24 years ago while taking a lesson with Carlos Castillo.  I heard Mike play a bass that he had made from his mother's table.  After hearing him I thought, I'd better practice more.  About 12 years later I walked into a DEEP concert, recognized Mike and re-introduced myself.  We have been good friends since.  Although I no longer play bass, I am glad Mike does.  I have been fortunate to be able to make basses for this outstanding player.  Mike's understanding of the instrument has helped me build what many acclaim to be a world class instrument at an affordable price.  It has been enjoyable watching Mike grow as a musician and person over the years.  I look forward to what the future will bring.  I hope that Mike will continue to work hard helping younger students discover the joys of music and more specifically the art of bass.  Many have benefited from his teaching and playing.  -Norsang, Clifford Roi Basses, New York, NY